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The MIX holy trinity! Get all 3 of our signature mixable spray tan solutions.

OLIVE: H20 + OL +14% 

I’m a golden olive tone, if your client has a pinky cool undertone and wants a golden glow, we’re a perfect match! Or mix me with our signature violet solution (H20 + VI + 14%) for clients with a neutral undertone!

VIOLET: H20 + VI + 14%

Use me straight as a vibrant violet-toned express solution, or mix me with our signature clear solution (H20 + 5%) to bring my DHA% down for a gradual leave on. 

CLEAR: H20 + 5%

Because I’m bronzer free I’m for everyone! Butttt, you’ll probably only going to want to use me alone for very pale clientele as my DHA % is low! Best to mix me, I’m versatile babe!

This is the fun part! You can mix and match each solution to your desired DHA potency and bronzer colour. Embody your inner scientist and let’s get MIXing!

That’s the beauty, I’m for everyone! This solution system comes with the 3 products you need to be a custom mixing master (and don’t worry… detailed instructions are included as well)!

SIZE: 32 oz / 1 Litre (per bottle)
RETENTION: 7-10+ days with great aftercare

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MIX is formulated with the most premium, skin-loving ingredients, made by plants, for humans. Simply decide on your client's development time, DHA, tone and MIX together.

It’s like science class but a lot more GOLDEN!

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