Toronto Tans is going GLOBAL!

Don’t reinvent the wheel. Toronto Tans has the perfect formula for groundbreaking success in the sunless tanning industry, and we want to share it with you.

We are looking for franchise partners eager to join our family as we take the success of Toronto Tans global. 

You will have industry leaders in your back corner guiding you through every step as you catapult to owning an ultra-successful, passion-filled, and fulfilling Toronto Tans in your city.

Let’s bring this vision to life!

You won’t be building your dreams on your own. We will be in your back corner every step of the way.

Team Training + Education

• In-person management and team training – everything from day-to-day operations to our famous custom spray tan services.

• In-house education for management so team-leads can coach new hires with ease.

Studio Operation

• Assistance finding and selecting the perfect space.

• Space curation and interior design to maximizing profitability and usage as well as WOW factor.


• Strategic Marketing and Branding Strategy to bring in your dream clients from before your doors have even opened.

• Provided: Website, booking systems, social media planning.

• Implemented Social Strategy: influencer marketing, content shooting, social media campaigns, cross promotion throughout all Toronto Tans outlets.

Ongoing Support

• Weekly virtual check-ins

• Provided and vetted supplier chains, furnishing, products.

• Official launch and franchise opening, with onsite support and assistance from Katherine.

Why Franchise With Toronto Tans

Work 1-on-1 with Katherine as we make this dream a reality! This is a tell-all format and we are ready to teach you everything we know. Support doesn't stop once your doors are opened, we are here for the long haul and want to ensure brand cohesiveness for all the years to come! 

How we maximize success:

01. Welcome: Training Begins 

02. Real Estate Selection 

03. Design & Construction

04. Marketing: Planned + Launched

05. In-person: Team Training Begins

06. Grand Opening

07. Ongoing Social Media Strategy


Our signature Toronto Tan's Custom Spray Tan. This Spray Tan service includes our famous full-body sculpting, as well as skin priming, setting, and drying services designed to eliminate that "spray tan smell and sticky feel".


The VIP service is an innovative full-body spray tan skin-loving service which begins will full body exfoliation and buffing to improve circulation and skin texture. The service includes our most deluxe spray tan infused with active hyaluronic acid and organic aloe vera.


For the people who understand that our luxury spray tans are a necessity for everyday life we offer highly coveted exclusive memberships to keep clients coming bi-weekly.


Your Toronto Tans franchise will be the ultimate destination for high-end boutique style spray tanning. 

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